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These are not the actual SURVIVOR’s from the television show. These are the testimonials of previous players of Stranded and the identities they assumed.

Chet - Trinidad & Tobago, Malaysia

Stranded was my first ORG experience and even though I was voted off first… I would reccomend it to anyone because Poody is a great host

Chet – Trinidad & Tobago, Malaysia

Parvati - Madagascar, Rivals, Refuge

I had a lot of fun the first time I played, this is one of the games I felt I played a very good strategic and social game and I loved being the HBIC.

Parvati – Madagascar, Rivals, Refuge

Courtney - Peru, All-stars, Rivals

Stranded has always been a big part of my Survivor online experience. I think playing this gives the average Survivor fan a little taste of how hard the real game can be. It’s an excellent social game, with superior forums to many of it competitors, and has always had innovative twists to keep you on your toes.

Courtney – Peru, All-stars, Rivals

Christa - Peru, All-stars, Rivals

The Stranded Series was extremely professional, both as a player and a co-host.

Christa – Peru, All-stars, Rivals

Joel - Trinidad & Tobago, Malaysia

I love Stranded! One of the best hosted series ever, I had loads of fun, and if you get the opportunity to play, don’t pass it up!

Joel – Trinidad & Tobago, Malaysia

Why Stranded?

Diverse Casting
We select contestants from far and wide to ensure the most diverse cast possible and the fairest game possible.
The Experience
We go the extra mile to ensure that each and every contestants feels as though they are apart of the real show and have an amazing story to tell after the season.
The Community
Stranded players become apart of a unique and amazing community of alumni who can share their experiences with one another.